Renting made safe and easy

No one should run around town looking for a rental or item they desperately need to buy. Lendli aims to make buying and renting simple, efficient, and accessible to all.

As the sharing economy continues to grow, we strive to help people connect in a safe and secure manner. Our goal is to make your peer-to-peer exchanges as easy as possible. We want to help you save space in your home or when you travel.

Vacationing with family and friends is always more fun if you can rent out a bike or surfboard to get your adventure on!

Lendli is also dedicated to helping sellers and lenders interact with the community. We cannot make this happen without you! When you share and allow your belongings to be reused, it helps make the landfills smaller and your pockets bigger.

Our efforts were poured into making an easy-to-use interface, where listing your items will be intuitive, and the trading process made pleasant.

How it works

Sign up

Sign up for Lendli with Twitter, Facebook, or your email. We’ll verify your identity and get your profile ready to go.

For Buying and Renting

Input your location and search our listings to find the item you want. For renting, simply choose the dates you wish to rent and we will filter the results for you!


Message the provider and find a location to exchange.


Meetup and enjoy your new purchase or rental! Don’t forget to return your rental, and leave a rating. You may take up to 5 pictures before you finalize the transaction to show the condition of the item.

For Selling and Lending

Create a new listing, upload photos and provide a description with a price you believe is fair.

Respond to Requests

You will receive a notification every time someone wants to buy or rent your item. Try to respond to any questions or offers as soon as possible.


Choose a convenient location to exchange, or provide delivery if you wish.


Make sure to inspect your item so that it’s working and matches the description. You may take up to 5 pictures before you finalize the transaction to show the condition of the item.

Rental Returns

Coordinate a date for the rental to be returned or picked up. Check the condition of the item and don’t forget to leave a review!


Through sharing your belongings you help build relationships in your community one encounter at a time. Sit back and enjoy the money you just made through this easy process!